michele and hasan

Congratulations Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix, our new leadership for the Republican Party of North Carolina!

Now the work begins to bring the principles of limited government, fiscal diligence, low taxes, personal responsibility, truly free markets, and Liberty to an ever expanding audience so that we may keep our current victories and earn new ones in the upcoming elections.

Lets be sure to support them and not spike the ball, be courteous, and lead by the example we would expect from anyone else.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina did endorse both of these candidates, but it would be foolish to try to take credit for their success. They worked harder and smarter than everyone else, and so WE THANK THEM!

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The Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina is pleased to announce the election of a new Chairman, Bret McGraw, as well as the election of a new Vice Chair, Sammy Dodd.

David Williams served as Chair along side Todd Bennett as Vice Chair last year and both were a driving force for our organization.  They both resigned to pursue endeavors with LibertyTorchPAC and have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in NC Politics.

We at the RLCNC wish them well and look forward to working with them to help promote Liberty and limited government in the years to come.

Bret McGraw served along side Sammy Dodd in Tampa as a Ron Paul delegate in Tampa.

A note from the Chairman:

In the future we hope to increase transparency in the organization by promoting more active roles for our many members and organizing our structures in a way that provides more access and insight into the freedom sausage that we proudly produce.

We are planning to host more informal events and fundraisers, as well as host informal teleconferences with the members outside of the executive committee.

Discussion is being had about having our Convention not coincide with the state party so we have more time for our business during our Convention, and also more time to relax during our yearly luncheon during the NCGOP Convention.

As always, our greatest asset as an organization is our members and the passion, dedication, and ideas that they bring to the table.

We need volunteers.  Currently we have openings for 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, as well as alternate at large membership.

Please, if you are a member, step up and get involved.  Reach out to us through the facebook page or contact us via www.rlcnc.org and let us know what we can do to get the ball rolling.

The RLCNC is what we make of it, together.

Bret McGraw

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Republican Liberty Caucus BBQ to be held in Cherokee during the 2014 NCGOP Convention!


Join us for a fun and informal social gathering during the Saturday of the 2014 North Carolina Republican Convention.

The BBQ will have great food and be within walking distance to Harrah’s resort and casino, where the State Convention is to be held.

You can purchase your ticket here for only 11 dollars….simply print out your ticket and bring it with you.

We look forward to seeing some old faces and hopefully some new ones….Lets come together to find a path towards a more free North Carolina and Constitutionally limited governance for the posterity of ourselves and our children.

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